For Robin Williams

Whatever star or dimension it was that lent us Robin Williams, I am forever grateful. In the favorite resting places of my imagination, I see his ever-expanding soul and the pure joy of his spirit. He was clearly from a different reality, more evolved, with greater heartfelt commitment to others, and with way fewer limitations that we Earthlings have to slog through every day. And he stayed with us as long as he could and then he just couldn’t take it here anymore, so he forced his own exit, crashed through the doors of our limited theatre to return to the place that lent him to us. I hope his journey back is painless and quick and when he arrives that he is embraced by the loving arms of his people. All of us on Earth are the beneficiaries of his healing. Because of his expansive soul, he fell into and could feel the darkest possible aspects of our human experience on earth. And it sparked in him compassion. He could not ignore the suffering here of those on the street or on the battle field. He made them laugh. He couldn’t ignore how we all felt after the 9/11 attacks – he touched our collective agony with his long antenna, sucked it into himself and transformed it into our laughter, into letting go. He transformed us with the unlimited enormity of his being. He seemed like a genius to us because he was so far ahead of us. But even the biggest word we have is not enough to describe Robin Williams or the total selflessness of his gift to us. Because of that terrible sadness he felt, a result of being so far away from his place of origin, and after 63 years of feeling the torturing pain of the earth experience, there was left a hole in him that he could not get away from or transform. And I grieve the loss of him in my life. I felt I knew though only saw him live one time. I saw myself in him, I saw humanity in him. And I would love to see him one more time. To see him stand and take a bow – so we could all, as one people from Earth, stand on our desks, on our houses, in the tree tops and applaud him and cheer him so that the star from which he came would vibrate with our love and gratitude.