For Actors

Linklater Voice helps you uncover your natural, authentic voice that can communicate the whole gamut of human emotion, thought, and impulse – from the most subtle to the deepest passion. Voice work helps you to access your emotions with ease, promotes clarity of thought, focus and presence, and connects you to your self, character, and text in deeper ways. Linklater Voice is taught in many of the premier Actor Training Programs and in University Training Programs in the US and abroad. Many actors find that voice work is the corner stone of actor training. It is the matrix from which all else grows.

There are levels to the voice work. If you took a voice class is college, rediscovering it after being in the working world can open up new levels and layers in you and in your acting as you become more proficient at accessing your self/work though your voice.

In LA, it’s often said that acting for the camera is all about the eyes. And certainly, that’s true, but it’s also all about your voice. Voice work is about so much more than being heard. The vibration of your voice communicates with the same or greater power than the eyes. What can be expressed through the nuance of your voice is larger than what your mind can conceptualize. Voice work is a deeply creative human expression. The more finely tuned your instrument is to all that wafts through you while you act, the greater your ability to communicate what it means to be human is.

We offer classes and private sessions in: The Actor’s Voice, BioPic preparation, Speech, Dialects

Do you need help with any of these vocal challenges?

  • more resonance and expression in your voice
  • deepening and finding ease in your breath
  • monotone
  • nasality
  • strain
  • your voice doesn’t suit you
  • too soft
  • too loud
  • Mumbling
  • too high
  • too low

With  a lifetime of acting and directing, and an MFA in Acting under her belt, Adele Cabot was trained and designated by Kristin Linklater as a teacher of her work in 1998. She has been steadily teaching/coaching voice since then. Before being Designated, Linklater Voice Teachers are required to train between 3-5 years and sometimes longer, in all areas of Voice, Articulation, Acting, Shakespeare, Anatomy, Alexander Technique, and more. It is the most comprehensive training for Voice Teachers anywhere.
Actors develop the craft they need to access the whole voice and self while working creatively in the presence of the acting moment. Adele works with actors to become aware of and to release tension or blocks that are preventing the voice from being all it can be. In a practical yet insightful way she works with actors to find clarity, fullness of expression, power, presence, emotional flexibility, nuance, ease. Actors develop a healthy, expressive voice. The work involves relaxation, heightening vocal and physical awareness, releasing tension, increasing resonance, and opening the range to develop a voice that is responsive to physical and emotional impulses.

The result is freedom, ease, and presence in the voice and body – an expansive vocal and acting range. Continue developing your ability to communicate the slightest nuance of thought or feeling or the depth of human passion and complexity of thought with exquisite clarity.
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