Acting with an Accent

With many years of dialect, voice and acting coaching, Adele has developed methods which can make it easier and faster to act with an accent.  The last thing an actor should be thinking about while acting is their dialect, or their voice –  or anything that takes them away from the present moment and the scene.


Adele works with a significant number of international actors and regional American actors on their General American Accent. Her clients include award-winning and popular actors from other countries who are not yet as well known in the US. Many managers and agents in LA refer Adele to their clients. Adele can smooth out the edges and tweak an American accent learned in another country helping the actor to avoid the question, “Where are you from?” Or begin the process at the beginning.

Adele Cabot also works with business people and others who would like to reduce their accent.



Most American regional accents, many accents from Great Britain including different areas in England, Ireland, and Scotland. Also French, German, Russian, some Arabic accents.

Adele works with actors at all levels of accent proficiency.



Adele Cabot works with actors cast in biographical roles in film. Adele’s unique background in voice, dialect, movement, and acting brings to her Biopic coaching. Bio-Pic Acting isn’t mimicking – creating a character’s vocal and physical expression boils down to connecting the actor’s impulse to the character expression without losing truthfulness. Adele does very detailed work with actors giving them ways to find the pitch, placement, intonations, musicality, speech or accent idiosyncrasies, rhythms of the characters voice, and the energy, physical alignment, movement, and other specifics of their physicality. We work in conjunction with the actor’s character analysis in order to link the inner being to find the truthful and real outer expression.

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