For Producers

For Producers, Directors or anyone who is working with actors

We specialize in:

  • Voice, Dialect, and Speech Coaching for Film, Television, and Theatre
  • All dialects including Neutral American Accent
  • Solving all vocal issues including monotone, too loud or soft, strain, resonance
  • Finding character voices
  • Speech and clarity problems
  • Integrating actor choices with vocal choices for greater truth and reality in expression
  • All Looping needs and voice acting
  • We work with actors of all ages and experience levels.

LA VOICEJOY STUDIO is located just 1.6 miles (about 5 minutes) from Sony Culver Studios. We work with actors at our studio or yours, where ever it is most convenient for you.


One dialect coach for the entire production ensures all the actors who are supposed to be from the same place, sound like they’re from the same place. We design all aspects of the dialects, with consideration for directorial or acting choices, to assure continuity and unification. Contact us for more info.
We design and coach our dialects to be authentic and understandable to general audiences.