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"I'm very, very grateful I have found Adele. I've worked with her pretty extensively for almost two years and it has not only improved my connection to my voice, but it's deepened my acting as well. She coached me when I played David Miscavige in MY SCIENTOLOGY MOVIE for BBC Films, and I honestly cannot imagine what my process would have been like without her. She helped me understand the ways in which Miscavige's impulses moved through his voice
- where his voice lived and resonated - which led to some deep acting discoveries. Adele is extremely aware and attends to her students with a gentle compassion which builds a great trust/faith in the room and encourages emotional freedom. To any actor who is looking for a breakthrough, I recommend working with Adele. This work, in my opinion, is more essential than any scene study class in L.A. because she will assist you in concretely moving through your blocks from your impulses to breath to vocal communication..."

Andrew Perez